How positive affirmations can influence your life for the better!

We attract what we think. Our minds are like magnets; waiting for the right connection and perfect moment to engage. What we choose to let into our mental space can either be detrimental or encouraging to our overall success. In order to gain positive outcomes, we must garner pleasant thoughts. Thoughts that will stimulate our mind and souls to perform positive and genuine actions. In order to grow, we must utilize every possible positive resource to get the results and lifestyle we want. There are no off days.

Here are several examples of how positive daily affirmations can influence our lives:

1. Positive affirmations build confidence!

Daily affirmations can garner a sense of pride, energy and high self - esteem, which in return builds confidence. Writing positive messages or simply verbalizing positive thoughts can stimulate endorphins which in return makes you feel confident and invincible. These feelings will automatically contribute to positive actions. It is of extreme importance to use every single opportunity to fill the brain with "good vibes" so that you are able to sustain as much success as possible. You suddenly become more confident, brave and and most importantly, comfortable in your own skin. Try starting each day with encouraging words that exude confidence.

2. Positive affirmations build courage!

Daily affirmations can encourage you to take risk that you would never have dreamed of taking. Verbalizing positive statements and words can remold the brain to cast out negative thoughts. It triggers our brain to think, plan and most importantly, act. Essentially, it subconsciously directs us to improve our lifestyle by making significant changes in our thought pattern. We eventually feel courageous to act and achieve our goals. We tend to actually believe in our thoughts and our positive projections. We no longer feel the energy of self-doubt and disappointment. For example, if you constantly remind yourself that you can perform task, achieve goals, etc. ----Your mind will naturally set a schedule that consistently reminds you of your goals. In return, you will act accordingly. Try building a simply list of encouraging phrases to tell yourself each day. I promise this simple skill will change your thought pattern.

3. Positive affirmations organize thoughts!

Affirmations help us organize our thoughts which leads to setting goals and producing

positive outcomes. We tend to strategically gauge our goals and current level of achievement while monopolizing the best opportunities. An organized mind can indeed

upgrade your lifestyle. It intentionally aligns your thoughts to make the best decisions possible. Try writing your affirmations on sticky notes and posting the notes on your bathroom window. This will be the first positive affirmations you see and think of each day. You will began to organize your day naturally with a positive innocence. You will start to gain a sense of independence, peace and freedom. Try this today.

4. Positive affirmations re-establishes or identifies purpose!

Daily affirmations can lead to or re-establish our life's purpose. Constantly filling the brain with positive thoughts can clearly define our true intent and desires. The positive energy leads us to unknowingly act in our purpose. We start to engage in projects that are in alignment with our purpose. It leads us to a deeper level of substance and meaning which defines our most important pathway in life; the pathway of purpose. Try listing positive affirmations in a journal. Are there any patterns? Can you connect any phrases or ideas? Do you feel a strong sense of urgency to act? Which affirmations do you feel the most confident with? Do you see any connection with your passions or interest? If so, you may be scratching the surface of defining your true purpose.

5. Positive affirmations help you become a consistent visionary

By verbalizing your positive attributes, you began to reach new heights, set new goals while suddenly becoming a visionary. As you affirm positive statements each day, you start to visualize your positive thoughts and ideas coming to fruition. In order to accomplish any task, we must visualize the results. A consisted daily affirmation reminder allows your brain to create images of your desired goals. These images remain as we set goals and act. As we progress, we tend to always start visualizing our intended outcomes and results. If we visualize success and fill our mind with sucess, we will garner success. For example, if you visualize passing a test, your brain will create the route for you to start studying, taking it seriously, visualizing the end results, etc. Try visualizing your goals coming true. Keep that image always!

6. Positive affirmations will upgrade your personal relationships!

As you start to affirm your positive statements daily which will ultimately change your lifestyle, you will no longer want to or feel the need to hold on to negative relationships. Negative energy thrives off of creating conflict and causing unnecessary pain. In order to live a positive life, you can't hold on to negative energy that will weigh you down. As you are reminding yourself of the importance of positive energy with motivational phrases; you are subconsciously creating the avenue for self preservation. You will start meeting people that add value to your life. These people will constantly motivate you to want better results each day. You will no longer feel the need to surround yourself with vultures that take from your light source. You will not even have time to entertain negative distractions. Your mind will be booked with positive sources of energy and thoughts. Try setting boundaries today in order to establish peace, prosperity and positive vibes in your life. I promise you will not be sorry.

I hope these examples help you start a new routine in order to add consistency and positive energy to your life. Please note that there are many more examples of how daily affirmations can change your life. These are just a few I think are beneficial.

Wishing you the best of luck and all the love in life and your journey to positive affirmations!

-S. Lynn Garner

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