How to keep your marriage healthy during quarantine!! #MarriageDuringCOVID19!!

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

AWWW!!! The wonderful love stories about yearning to be with your lover at all times of the day is a beautiful LIE!!!! I love my husband and I enjoy spending quality time, but its also put it nicely.. a bit much!! We are the true definition of night and day. He likes the house room temperature..I prefer an icebox. He likes to work from home constantly...I enjoy relaxing with a glass of wine. We are the complete opposite. So when we are stuck in the house constantly, things can get well.....ANNOYING.. Here are a few tips use in order to stay sane during Covid-19.

1. Separate your spaces!

This extremely important!! You must have a me spot. This spot will grant you the peace and sanity that you need. Your spouse should also have a spot where they can decompress. In order to keep a health marriage booming, you must have me time.

2. Create simple date nights!!

Don't be boring or become routine during quarantine!! Dress up for your spouse and create a sexy date night ambiance that will make you both feel great. Light candles, order your favorite take out, play your favorite tunes and pop open an incredible bottle of champagne or wine. Date nights during quarantine don't have to be complex or non- existent. Keep the relationship spicy and upbeat by creating a weekly date night that will allow you to enjoy spending quality time together.

3. Workout together!!

That's right!! I said it!! Work out together. What better time to release toxins, burn calories and increase your endorphins while working out with your spouse. Working out with your spouse will increase intimacy and create a long lasting, healthy relationship. It will also keep you fit and healthy.

4. Coupons???

Sounds weird right? But first hear me out. Create coupons for your spouse based on special deeds. If you see your spouse doing selfless task like washing dishes, taking care of the kids, etc., create a special prize coupon. Coupons can include 1 hr massages, specialty made dinners, warm bubble baths and of course the list goes on. Get creative and have fun!!

5. Start a new project together!!!

Start a project with your spouse that will display both of your strengths. Projects can include: building a patio, painting, business or whatever your heat desires. The point is to do some productive while spending quality time with your spouse. Sound like a WIN!! WIN!!

6. Road-trip!

Get up and go sight seeing together!! Experience nature and relax. Road tripping can create a multitude of conversations that will turn into fun and romantic moments. So fill up the car and head out!

I genuinely hope some of these tips helped. Most of the time we annoy each other when we are not being productive or spending quality (not idle) time. Be sure to be thankful for your spouse and their presence each and everyday!!


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