How to tackle your anxiety during the Covid-19 pandemic!

We presently live in an uncertain time where we feel a rush of emotions daily. These emotions can make us both physically and mentally ill. It can disrupt our daily habits and can hinder us from moving forward. Here are 10 useful tricks that I use in order to keep my anxiety at bay.

1. STOP watching the news and log out of social media accounts!!!!!!!

I know! I know! This first step can be pretty hard since Covid-19 coverage is literally everywhere. But!! You can definitely succeed with this tip if you are willing to make a few sacrifices. The media coverage is usually internet and cable news based. Stop logging into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. These social media accounts will have you scrolling for hours reading the Covid-19 horror stories and viewing countless tragic videos. How do I know? I know from personal experience. I had my share of staying up late watching videos that had me in tears and it played a role in my daily life. Do yourself and your family a favor by just logging out of social media accounts and news outlets.

2. Get out of the HOUSE!!!!

Now wait!! This doesn't mean to go hang out with others or go to crowded areas!!! Take a nice walk around your neighborhood or go jogging!!! I promise you will feel so much better. Those endorphins will kick in and you will feel more at ease. You are pretty much knocking out a multitude of healthy activities at once. While walking or jogging, you're releasing toxins from your body, burning calories and feeling great. You simply can't beat this tip.

3. Read something POSITIVE!!!!

Reading is a great way to take your mind off of tragic events and unfortunate situations. Try reading a new book, magazines and positive blog sites in order to take your mind off of negative events.

4. Start a NEW hobby!!!

Is there something you always wanted to do? Knitting? Gardening? Creating new recipes? Decorating? Well whatever your niche is....START NOW!!! Some of us have a lot of time to start a new activity and actually have time to enjoy it. A new hobby can really lift your spirits and make you feel as if you're in control of something versus watching the news coverage all day. You can't control the media outlet but you can control how you spend your time.

5. Start a family game night!!!

Spend this time with your family!! Create family game nights/days/weekends. Get old board games from your childhood and mix with modern game choices. Gaming is a great way to take your mind off of the uncertain times we currently live in. A family game night would be fun for all and it would definitely relax your anxiety!

6. Communicate!!!!

Be sure to communicate with positive sources!! Note!! I said positive sources! After all, we are human. We need social contact for our mental well-being. Talk to others about fears and concerns. Trust me sometimes speaking about your concerns will help you navigate and master your fears. Also, spend time speaking about you goals, positive moments and just enjoying casual conversations. I truly feel better after speaking to positive sources. Try it out now!!

7. Start a new project!!!

This is slightly different than your typical hobby. A project can be painting a room, building a shed, changing the flooring, etc. Check around the house for areas that need minor touch ups or a complete make over. Indulge in home TV shows, magazines, websites and books in order to get your project complete. You will feel a sense of relief after completing your first project. It will lead you to start more!!! Get started!!!

8. Take a warm bubble bath!!!

This may sound odd... but trust me it works. Dimmed lights, scented candles, bath bombs, relaxation music, a glass of wine or tea and BAM...relaxation!! This ambiance will release stress toxins and calm your nerves. Try this today.


This is so simple and important, yet underrated!!!!! Most of us are not fully hydrated. Hydration plays a major role in our mood. Sometimes we can feel very grumpy and irritated when we are not fully hydrated. Dehydration can increase the stress levels in our body which can lead to anxiety and depression. I usually try to drink at 5- 16.9 ounce water bottles a day, but sometimes I don't meet my goal and I start feeling off. So, do your mind and body a favor by increasing your water intake. Your body will thank you for it!

10. Train your mind!!!

Train your mind to only accept positive thoughts. Yes. This is harder than it sounds, but it can done. As soon as a negative thought tries to infiltrate your brain, crush it with a positive thought. Train your brain to shift gears!!!This only works if you are truly consistent.

11. Pray for peace.

Pray for peace of mind, strength and courage to accept the things you cannot change and to change the things you can. Although this a very challenging time, there is nothing you can't ask for in prayer. You can always seek God's advice in those times of complete stillness. Be consistent and steadfast in your faith and truly believe that God will never forsake you. Be a glowing light in the dark for others struggling with the same anxiety. We grow through support and compassion.

I hope this article truly helped. I know it's a struggle, but we can all master our fears through consistent, positive routines!!! Be sure to leave your comments.


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