It's ALL About Balance!!!

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Life is so unpredictable. One day you are young, in college, going to every party, attending events, shopping for until you drop and staying up until 4 in the morning. Then suddenly, you're married, a mom of two and a full time professional. You literally don't have time for anything. I remember being 19 and I can't wait until I'm 21. Then, at 21 I remember thinking I wonder what it will be like when I turn 25. Wow!! What was I thinking? My grandma always told me "little girl...stop rushing life! When you become an adult, you will want to slow time." She was so right! I thought at a certain age that I would just magically have it all together. I would suddenly discover the secret to living the best life and I would be super organized and I would always have the right answer. I would have the perfect home, the perfect car, the perfect job, the perfect husband and the perfect kids. Wow!! I was so naive. I failed to realize that nothing in life is ever perfect. It doesn't matter how many degrees you earn, how much stuff you buy or how many times you are promoted....Life is still life!! We win. We lose. We laugh. We cry. We fight. We struggle. We overcome. We forget to forgive. We forget to take a break. We forget to be understanding. We forget to be receptive. We forget to be available. Most importantly, we forget to be STILL! Balance is the key to all of our biggest issues. As much as we work and play, we must remember to relax and to find peace in our daily lives. Most of the time I forget to prioritize my needs because I'm so busy taking care of everyone else. I tend to get anxious, worried, frustrated and sometimes just downright angry when I forget to practice self-care. Self- care is a must if you would like to maintain your sanity. Start balancing your life today!

Here are a few steps that help me balance the challenges and struggles in life as full time wife, mom, friend and professional.

1. Turn up the VOLUME!

Don't be afraid to speak about your challenges and difficulties. Trust me everyone has their own issues. None of us have any room to judge. Talking about your issues will be the most refreshing experience ever. It's basically a free therapy session. Sometimes when you clearly speak about your challenges you find a way to overcome. Try it!

2. LET GO!!!

Let go of stereotypes and standard beliefs of what you should and should not be. Stereotypes only matter to people who are insecure. Don't let dated opinions control your thoughts and emotions. It's a total waste of time and energy. Think of all the things you could focus on instead of unnecessary opinions from individuals.

3. PLAN!

Schedule your day, week, month, year, etc. Always plan ahead and prepare!! Be sure to stick to whatever plan you set. Consistency is key. This has been my biggest struggle. I will write my agenda and ideas down in a really pretty planner or on a nice, spiffy, electronic calendar and then BOOM...I don't follow through. Consistency will make or break your goal!! Trust me. Be consistent!

4. Release!

It's totally okay to cry. I used to think crying made you weak and it wasn't helpful! WRONG!!! Releasing your emotions in a productive way is always healthy, refreshing and most importantly NORMAL! Tears can cleanse the soul.

5. Pray!

Prayer will turn your entire life around. Just knowing that God will never forsake you is the

better than any earthly therapist, companion or friend. It's a feeling you get when you're

absolutely STILL! Still is when you're not busy, not overthinking and not doubting. Prayer

will give you a huge dose of fulfillment.

I honestly hope some of these tips help you on your journey. Life can be challenging, hard and just downright intimidating, but through balance and consistency things can get extremely better. Remember to take care of yourself.


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