How To Cope With Seasonal Relationships!

Have you ever wondered why some of your best relationships suddenly become lackluster, pretentious, or worst, non existent? Do you ever find yourself over analyzing the root cause of why a relationship has ended? If so, stop torturing yourself with unnecessary burdens. As humans evolve, we change our perspectives, values, etc. Social circles can also change, if we no longer feel connected with our present company. Friendships either evolve or fade. There is no getting around that. Some people are placed in our lives only for a specific season, but most of the time we don't understand the full meaning of this. Consequently, we place lifetime expectations on seasonal friendships. Some people are only placed in our lives temporarily for a specific purpose. This purpose might be to teach you a lesson, support you though a difficult time, etc. Whatever the purpose may be, always look for the lesson behind every relationship.

Here are a several tips to deal with the end of a seasonal relationships:

1. Understanding The Effects of Growth

In order to truly progress, we must grow. Sometimes as we are growing into the person

we wish to become, our perspectives and outlook on life changes. It's totally normal to

evolve as you start to develop and embark on your new personal journey. As our lives

adapt to our new doctrine, we tend to meet and attract new like minded people

with similar interest. Once again, this is completely normal. But, sometimes we start to

gradually separate from our original circle. Although this is also normal, it feels painful.

Some of the friends we once called daily and treated like family, start to eventually fade

away. Sometimes this can seem a little abrupt and cold, but in actuality, it's life. Try not

to overthink too much. You will waste so much time trying to figure out where exactly

things stopped being normal. If you've tried to mend the disconnect and the friendship

is still on the rocks, then be at peace. Understand that you both may just be

growing in different directions and that's totally normal.

2. Cherish Memories

Honoring the special moments and realizing its okay to cherish them. Just because your

paths are now diverged, doesn't mean you can't remember the good times. It's okay to

reminisce and reflect on priceless memories. You invested in the special moments and

deserve to cherish every memory. Memorializing a friendship will let you relive those

special moments without totally discarding the past friendship. Your heart and mind will

thank you for it.

3. Learn To Let Go!

As humans, we tend to hate change and letting go. Sometimes we hold on to people

and things just because we are afraid to move on. We hold on to people as we would

hold on to a security blanket. We thrive off of close, familiar connections that enable us

to be complacent and "comfortable."This is the worst thing to do. When a friendship

is over, it's over. Don't ever force something just because you are in need of that security

blanket. Open your heart and mind to making new connections and starting fresh, by

evaluating your new likes likes and dislikes. Trying to force an old friendship will

definitely consume you with resentment. Continue on your journey and understand that

nothing is forever.

4. Well Wishes Salute and MOVE ON!!!

Wish them well and expect nothing in return. You should always wish an old friend well,

whether they betrayed you or not. It helps you find that inner peace. Move on with your

life and focus on your new relationships. Never compare the new and the old.

Sometimes we want to take our past season relationships with us to

the new seasons!! No! No! No! You must learn to leave winter behind and say hello to

Spring and sunshine! Don't try to wear a wool coat in the springtime. It will be definitely

out of place, and not aligned with your new goals and outlook.

5.Truly Understand Seasons Will Change and There IS Nothing You Can Do!

Friends change. Time change. Seasons change. We change. There is nothing we can do

about it. Life is about personal growth, purpose, journey, etc.

Will I take this or that path? We are never truly the same person. It makes

sense for some relationships to run its course. Some relationships are just destined

to expire. If we keep trying to hold on to every single person, we might not have room

for the new special relationships to come into our lives.

6. Stop Overthinking The Culprit!

Stop trying to figure out which party is to blame for the demise of the friendship.

Sometimes we just grow apart and that's okay. We won't always receive an exact answer

as to why something has ended. We have to be okay with a non concrete answer and

find peace for closure within ourselves.

I hope this article helps you on your journey of understanding how to find closure with seasonal relationships. It can be challenging at first, but I promise it gets better.

-S. Lynn Garner

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