When God makes you uncomfortable!

We all have one specific God given commonality.....humanity. As humans, we feel, we love, we weep, we laugh, we ponder, etc. But most importantly, we thrive and feed off of social connections and the worldly definition of success. WE love surrounding ourselves around people and things that makes us happy, feel loved and successful. We view success as having the hottest job, home, material possessions and stable friendships. We subconsciously believe these possessions will ultimately turn us into our very best selves. We tend to forget that our purpose is greater than shallow, worldly treasures. Sometimes, God has to remind us of our purpose and if we have steeped off track. God tends to remove distractions so that he may use us, in order to fulfill our full potential. Furthermore, we don't usually notice the distraction until we are made uncomfortable. Once we are discontent with our current status, we start to analyze the things and people that surround us. Am I living in my purpose? Is this career choice right for me? Are my friendships purposeful? Am I growing?

Here are a few ways that God may make you uncomfortable, in order for you to grow and serve in your purpose.

1. The removal of long term friendships.

You will start to feel discontent and uncomfortable in some of your longest friendships. Suddenly, you will start to observe behavior and actions that you notice are not helping push you to the next level. You soon realize that you have become so content with the same ol thing over and over. You hang out, gossip, laugh, go to events and then...? What? Or it can be the flip side. You may pray and worship together, but still head towards different paths. When God has ordained you to serve his purpose, he will make you uncomfortable in those relationships regardless of the environment. This may show through constant misunderstandings that go unresolved, no effort to rebuild relationships, disappointment, betrayal, etc.

This doesn't mean that every friendship will start to become blatantly toxic. Some friends will just gradually dissipate as life evolves. God's purpose for you will not include a friend to tag along with in all seasons. When he calls you, he calls you alone. Distractions will be removed in order for you to hear his voice with no outside influential factors. In some seasons you must become a party of one and become comfortable walking your journey alone with the spirit of God covering you! (Read my blog on friendships that evolve!)

2. The removal of unnecessary possessions!

God will make way to remove earthly possessions from your life. Things that you think you need, suddenly become a thought of the past. That new YSL purse, or brand new Benz suddenly seems so obsolete to you. God will start to put more important concerns on your heart which will demand your attention. Sometimes God has to clear everyone and everything around us, in order for us to hear his word clearly. Earthly possessions can make us shallow and waste priceless time on silly material things that can't fulfill your true desires. I must admit, I love shopping, but I love God more. If you're really honest, you may find that you spend more time focused on acquiring possessions than you are on staying in touch with him.

3. Overwhelming sense of guilt

You may start to suddenly realize that you are not living in your purpose. You may complain about your job constantly, relationships, status in life, etc. We start to get real uncomfortable when we feel like we are not where we want to be in life. We start to become impatient, aggressive and discontent. We suddenly realize that we have wasted time on the wrong people and the wrong things. God is calling you to respond. Respond to the realization of not living in your purpose. Respond by holding yourself accountable and preparing yourself for greatness.Get out of that slumber and get to work!

4. Feeling isolated

You may start to feel like you are walking alone. It doesn't matter if you are surrounded with a room full of family and friends; you still feel alone or simply, uneasy. You might start analyzing life at a deeper level, by evaluating the importance of your journey and the individuals you surround yourself with. Your purpose is calling you to respond and to act. Your feeling of isolation is a silent cry to find your true purpose and gain a deeper connection with yourself.

Sometimes we must silence our surroundings, in order to hear God's messages and to fulfill our purpose in life. Being uncomfortable is rough as well as challenging, but indeed a wake up call. Unfortunately , some of us don't recognize the sign. Be vigilant and minimize the noise in your life.

I hope this article has helped you in some way. Many blessings to you, as you embark on your journey to live out God's Devine purpose for your life.

S. Lynn Garner

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